Oracle v. Google – Interoperability and Copyright Infringement

If you thought that you could do whatever you needed to do to achieve interoperability and be safe from copyright infringement, think again.  The Federal Circuit’s ruling last Friday in Oracle v. Google puts a finer point on the limits of interoperability as a defense to copyright infringement. Quick Background (if you know the facts […]

Social Media Marketing – New Guidance On Generating “Buzz”

For the first time since it issued its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising in 2009, the FTC has provided new guidance on the use of social media to generate consumer interest (or “buzz”) in a brand. Shoe manufacturer Cole Haan had a great social media marketing idea.  They would run […]

2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey

Here are some of the results I found most interesting from the 2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey.  I presented these results with Jim Bourke (WithumSmith+Brown) at the New Jersey Technology Council Annual Meeting in July.   I will be presenting a more complete version of results again at the JOBS 2.0 upSkill event at the New Jersey […]

Are Application Programming Interfaces (API) Copyrightable?

On the one year anniversary of the judge’s decision in Oracle vs. Google throwing levitra dosage timing out a jury’s findings and ruling that Oracle’s Java API’s were not copyrightable, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is chiming in with its perspective. A little background.  The case is Oracle v. Google, 872 F.Supp.2d 974 (N.D.Cal. 2012).  Oracle […]

Got a Website or App With No Privacy Policy? California Has a Fine For That.

If you have a website or a mobile app that is viewed or downloaded by a California resident or if your entity has ties to California, you must comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (the “Act”).  The Act requires that if you operate an online service that collects any identifiable information, the operator […]

Kurt E. Anderson Quoted in mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog Article, “Why Development Projects Fail (And What Can IT Do About It?)”

Recently, I was quoted in the mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog Article, “Why Development Projects Fail (And What Can IT Do About It?)”, offering expert insight as to what aspects of expectations, development, and testing can cause a valuable project to fail. To see the entire article, please click here.

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