Supreme Court Rules on Software Patentability

In a hotly watched case involving the patent-eligibility of software, the U.S. Supreme Court today issued an unanimous (that’s right, unanimous) opinion striking down a software patent on the basis that it was merely an abstract idea and that implementation using conventional computer functions on a generic computer is not sufficient to transform the idea […]

How to Register your API with the Copyright Office

The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision last week in Oracle v. Google has been touted as a decision that application programming interfaces (APIs) are copyrightable.  See, for example, the article “Tech World Stunned as court ruled Oracle can own APIs.”  So the next logical question is how does one go about registering copyright […]

2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey

Here are some of the results I found most interesting from the 2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey.  I presented these results with Jim Bourke (WithumSmith+Brown) at the New Jersey Technology Council Annual Meeting in July.   I will be presenting a more complete version of results again at the JOBS 2.0 upSkill event at the New Jersey […]

Real Estate Development Dispute Over Copyright in Engineering Plans – State Court or Federal Court?

Who settles copyright disputes in ownership of real estate development engineering plans: State Court or Federal Court?  A recent New Jersey District Court case recently answered this question. In Pennoni Associates, Inc. v. Medford Village East Associates, LLC (D.N.J. Dec. 20, 2011) the court was presented with this very issue. Copyright ownership in engineering plans […]