2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey

September 17, 2013 | No Comments
Posted by Kurt E. Anderson

Here are some of the results I found most interesting from the 2013 IT/Technology Talent Survey.  I presented these results with Jim Bourke (WithumSmith+Brown) at the New Jersey Technology Council Annual Meeting in July.   I will be presenting a more complete version of results again at the JOBS 2.0 upSkill event at the New Jersey Institute of Technology on October 21.

Here are some of the results I found most interesting.

Areas of IT Talent in Highest Demand

1. Custom Programming/Application Development (49.5%)

2.  Project Management (40.6%)

3. Database Management (32.7%)

Most Important Skills Lacking in Entry Level https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra-cialis-en-ligne/ IT Workers

1. Public Speaking/Presentations (49%)

2. Custom Programming/Application Development (44.9%)

IT Staffing Strategy for Next 12 months

1.  Will be increasing staff (46.5%)

2. Will Stay the same (30.7%)

3.  Will outsource more (8.9%)

Note – 95% of respondents will increase staff or stay the same.  62.3% of respondents need more IT support.

New Procedures Implemented After Superstorm Sandy

1. Internal Communications Plan (44.7%)

2. Disaster Recovery (38.2%)

3. Backup Storage (34.2%)

4.  External Communications Plan (31.6%)

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